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Skills for employment and Cooperation - Tailoring Opportunities for Regions of Georgia (SECTORs)

Guria Youth Resource Center, in the framework of the EU-funded project Skills for employment and Cooperation - Tailoring Opportunities for Regions of Georgia (SECTORs) , announces the admission of those interested in "Production / Sale of Vegetable Crops in Indoor Grounds" to participate in a training course. The project aims to improve the employment opportunities of vulnerable groups in the community through sectoral partnership incentives, entrepreneurship education offerings and the introduction of innovative approaches to contribute to the economic development of the project target regions.

Individuals involved in a closed crop vegetable production / sales training program will undergo a theoretical and practical 50-hour course.

 After passing the training course, the graduate will be able to:

 Proper selection of location for the greenhouse and technically correct maintenance of the greenhouse;

 Arranging seedlings and production of seedlings;

 Carrying out appropriate agrarian measures in the greenhouse;

 Cultivation / maintenance of fruit-bearing, vegetable vegetables and horticultural crops in the greenhouse;

 Plant control measures against pests and diseases in the greenhouse;

 Adherence to the rules of harvesting, storage and sale.

 Participants will be selected based on the following criteria:

 Young people under the age of 35 with secondary education - who have not been able to get higher or vocational education due to economic hardship and belong to any vulnerable category (low-income or low-income families, former migrants, former prisoners or probationers, etc.)

Young people under the age of 35 beyond education - with incomplete secondary education or who have dropped out of school at the basic level;

 Young job seekers under the age of 35 with a higher education - a member of a low-income family;

 Women - facing economic and social difficulties (age is unlimited).

Significant attention will be paid to the participation of women, IDPs and people with disabilities (in the latter case, their skills and abilities will be taken into account and aligned with the training and employment programs offered under the project) in all target regions.

Interested candidates should fill out the application form via the link below by July 15, 2021. The training course is funded by the European Union.

 Application form: https://bit.ly/3iTrzeF

If you need additional information, please contact us:

Guria Youth Resource Center:

e-mail: gyrc.info@gmail.com

Tel: 599981898

Project “Skills for employment and Cooperation - Tailoring Opportunities for Regions of Georgia (SECTORs)” is funded by European Union and implemented by Guria Youth Resource Center in partnership with Georgian Farmers’ Association, Institute of Democracy, and Association “Atinati”.

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